Because we are dead to sin but alive unto God, the apostle admonishes us to not permit sin to reign in our mortal body, that we should obey it in the lusts thereof.  Sin still dwells in the body, and will never be finally eradicated until death.  There are still unholy passions, sinful habits and intuitions still residing within this corrupt flesh.  But we are to battle with these in the power of the Holy Spirit, and subdue them to the glory of God.


We are to know the law and the commandments of God, so we know that service we are to render unto Him, and also what things we are to avoid.  We can only forbid sin to reign if we know what sin is, and sin is clearly defined in I John 3:4 as the transgression of the law.  Whatever transgresses God’s law is to be rooted up out of our life, and forbidden any place in the government of our lives.  It has no place in the life of one who is dead to sin and alive unto God.