Verse 11 is the first personal and pastoral exhortation which Paul gives to the Romans, and it is one of the utmost importance.  If we do not count ourselves as having died unto sin and as those who are now alive unto God, we are likely to still live as those who are in bondage, forgetting and missing out on many of the privileges that are afforded to the child of God.  We are to reckon, and thus remind ourselves, that sin can no longer condemn us, and therefore we no longer need live in terror of judgment.


Likewise, we are to remember that sin’s dominion in our lives has been broken in every way, and we are no longer slaves under that cruel taskmaster.  We have the Spirit of God, Who empowers us to live unto God, and we are to think of ourselves in this light, praise God for His mercy, beseech His constant aid, and live our lives to Him and for Him.  We were once dead unto God, caring nothing for His commandments and rejecting the yoke of His service, but now we are alive unto Him, and rejoice to wear the mantle of Christ’s disciples.  His yoke is easy and His burden is light, and we rejoice that God has granted us the privilege and the ability to live unto Him through the saving work of His dear Son.