I should be very glad to know what is the state of your soul.  Is it not tired of its own righteousness?  Does it not breathe freely at last, and does it not confide in the righteousness of Christ?  In our days, pride seduces many, and especially those who labour with all their might to become righteous.  Not understanding the righteousness of God that is given to us freely in Christ Jesus, they wish to stand before Him on their own merits.  But that cannot be.  When you were living with me, you were in that error, and so was I.  I am yet struggling unceasingly against it, and I have not yet entirely triumphed over it.


Oh, my dear brother, learn to know Christ, and Him crucified.  Learn to sing unto Him a new song, to despair of yourself, and to say to Him: Thou, Lord Jesus CHrist, art my righteousness, and I am Thy sin.  Thou hast taken what was mine, and hast given me what was Thine.  What Thou wast not, Thou didst become, in order that I might become what I was not!-Beware, my dear George, of pretending to such purity as no longer to confess yourself a sinner: for Christ dwells only with sinners.  He came down from heaven, where He was living among the righteous, in order to live also among sinners.  Meditate carefully upon this love of Christ, and you will taste all its unspeakable consolation.  If our labours and afflictions could give peace to the conscience, why should Christ have died?  You will not find peace, save in Him, by despairing of yourself and of your works, and in learning with what love He opens His arms to you, taking all your sins upon Himself, and giving thee all His righteousness.