R.L. Dabney and the American Idea of Equality

I would encourage anyone who has time to read this article by Boyd Cathey, from the excellent Abbeville Institute web site, about R.L. Dabney, the famous Southern theologian, which deals mostly with Dabney’s teaching concerning equality.  Having read Dabney’s works several years ago, I can say without hesitation that they had a tremendous impact upon me, and still shape my thinking to a large degree today.


Dabney would be considered very politically incorrect today, but it is hard when we read him not to see in him something of a 19th century prophet.  He saw and predicted where the women’s suffrage movement was leading, where the public school movement was leading, and more.  Most interesting of all is the quotation Cathey provides in the closing paragraph, where he describes American conservatism as simply a shadow following Progressivism.  Any careful research of American history will find this to be exactly true: conservatives who once opposed various egalitarian movements in the country now laud them as part of the American fabric.  No doubt those calling themselves conservatives will in the future, with precious few exceptions, do so with the LGBT movement as well.  Indeed, some are already doing so.  It is no exaggeration to say that it is a satanic concept of equality that has turned America into the moral cesspool that we see today.