Those who are dead with Christ may have a confident faith that they will also live with Him.  Their sins were crucified with Him, and those sins can never be resurrected to testify against them to their condemnation.  We are, as has consistently been emphasized, also dead to the ruling power of sin.  Every aspect of sin’s dreadful reign has been abolished, even as we saw at the end of the 5th chapter.  Sin once reigned over us unto death, but now that we have come under the reign of grace, we have received righteousness as a free gift, and the promise is that we shall reign in life by Jesus Christ.

Those who have died to sin’s dominion, even though it leads to them living a life of mortification of sin, including compelling us to be willing to suffer persecution, nevertheless have the promise that we shall live with Him.  As He was resurrected, so shall we be resurrected.  As He died unto sin once, and rose again, so shall we die to sin in every aspect of its dominion, and live in newness of life through Him, being sanctified through the Spirit and made meet for the kingdom of heaven.