There can be no question that those who enjoy the benefits of Christ’s death will also enjoy the benefits of His resurrection.  The two things always go together, and can never be separated.  One should never look at the cross without viewing it in the light of the empty tomb.  A dead Christ is no Saviour, but just another decaying corpse of a religious zealot.  A living Christ is the guarantee that His sacrifice has been accepted, and that all who are joined to Him by faith must live, and escape the damnation of hell.


If we participated in His death, our sins being nailed with Him to the cross, then we have the promise of God that we will also participate in His resurrection.  We too shall be raised from our graves, just as Jesus was, receiving a glorified body, and enjoying in full fruition the glories of our Saviour’s triumph.  The foretaste of that triumph begins even now as we see the ruling power of sin broken in our lives, and we ourselves walking in the blessed liberty of the children of God.