Because God’s grace has abounded in its manifestation towards sinful men, grace reigns with even more power and authority than sin and death.  There is no question that sin and death have ruled as cruel tyrants ever since Adam took the forbidden fruit from his wife.  No man has been able to escape the presence or the consequences of them; none could root sin out of his heart, and none could deliver himself from the penalty of sin, which is death.  But God in His unspeakable kindness would not forever leave His wretched creatures in this dreadful state.  He manifested His grace in the most stunning manner imaginable by sending His Son into the world to provide righteousness for lost and guilty men, to pardon all their sins, and to make them new creatures who would bring forth fruit unto God.  Sin exercises a terrible and powerful grip over us, but God’s grace is able to break that grip, and destroy the tyrant himself.  Thus, those who come unto Christ by faith, leave the dominion of sin and death, and come under the reign of grace, under which they obtain a righteousness which makes them acceptable to God, and holds forth the promise of eternal life.  All of those who come under the reign of grace are saved, for they have obtained a justification which can never by any means be canceled or obliterated, because it is God Who has justified them (Romans 8:33).


All this, Paul reminds us, is through Jesus Christ our Lord.  He always likes to remind us where the credit should go.  Certainly, none of it can be ascribed to us; if it could, then it would be questionable whether he would even have any right to speak of grace.  But this reign of grace into which we have been delivered is solely through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  The justified state in which we find ourselves before God can be ascribed only to His blood and righteousness.  The hope of eternal life which we enjoy is through that work, through the work of regeneration wrought in us by His Spirit, and by His preserving grace.  From first to last, salvation is all of grace, and those who are saved are in that state because Jesus Christ has brought them out of slavery to sin and death and under the blessed reign of grace.