But there is hope even for those who are doubly damned, by both Adam’s sin and their own.  Just as the disobedience of Adam brought guilt and condemnation, so the obedience of another man, or another representative, makes many righteous.  Even we who were born long after He left this earth partake of this righteousness the moment we trust in Jesus Christ alone for the salvation of our souls.  His perfect righteousness, which He wrought out by rendering a perfect obedience to the law of God, is imputed to the record of every soul that believes on Him.  And thus God, just as He charged us with guilt because of our connection to Adam, now wipes out all of our guilt, and replaces it with the stainless record of Christ’s righteousness.  Doubly damned once by Adam’s sin and our own, now we are doubly secure in our God, through Christ’s blood and righteousness!


Some prefer to read the words here as by one righteous act, and prefer to think that the obedience of Christ by which we are saved is only His submission to the death of the cross.  While nothing can in any way diminish the glory of Christ for this astounding act of humiliation, I firmly contend that it is not this act only, but the entire righteousness which Christ wrought as a man which is granted to us.  He obeyed the law of God, not for Himself, but for us.  He was made under the law, and rendered a perfect obedience to it, so that we, who had nothing but a mass of sins to present to God, could instead appear before Him with a record of spotless obedience.  Christ’s death had the effect of expiating our sins, but His entire life of obedience is granted to us as our record of righteousness in which we may appear holy, unblameable, and unreproveable in the sight of God the Judge.