Redemption and the Sabbath

Nearly all people acquainted with the Bible know that the Sabbath law is rooted in the creation order.  God rested on the seventh day after spending six days in the work of creation, thus establishing the principle of the sabbath.  But in the second telling of the law, in Deuteronomy 5:15, instead of again pointing back to creation, God instead tells Israel that He commanded them to keep the sabbath because of their miraculous deliverance out of Egyptian bondage.  This connection of the sabbath with redemption helps to set the stage for the New Testament doctrine, that the believer’s ultimate rest is found in the accomplished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This message also deals with several New Testament passages which indicate either directly or indirectly that the Church was not required to keep a rigorous Sabbath as Old Testament Israel was, the majority of the time being spent on Colossians 2:16.