But there is another man, another representative, and those who come under the banner of his representation stand in quite another position.  The grace of God, and the gift given by His grace, comes to us through another man, the one man, the second Adam, even Jesus Christ.  He is the last Adam (to borrow the term from I Corinthians 15:45) because He represents all those given to Him by the Father, just as Adam represented all the posterity of which he and Eve would be parents.  Of course, those who are saved once stood under Adam as a representative, but in grace, God removes them from that failed covenant, and places them under the headship of Christ, Who perfectly fulfills all of His obligations to the last letter, and therefore they inherit everlasting felicity through Him.

This free gift of God’s grace has abounded unto many.  The many here are the countless number given by the Father to Christ, for whom He has engaged as a surety.  It cannot possibly be the exact same people whom Adam represented, for then all of those must be saved, for they would partake of the gift by grace and therefore enjoy the benefits of justification.  It is plain that this is not true of all men, but only those who believe.  Therefore, the many to whom God’s gift of grace has abounded are those that He has determined to save, and gave to Christ, Who effected the great salvation planned for us before the world was.