The next 5 verses are given as a parentheses in our Authorized Version, even though the thought is not a subsidiary one to the theme the apostle has taken up.  Nevertheless, he does seem to interrupt his stream of argument to interject some explanatory thoughts, which help to clarify the crucial doctrine he is establishing.  There has been some debate as to whether these verses should be considered as parenthetical, but I see no reason to quibble with the conclusion of our King James translators.

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The apostle has just pinpointed the cause of death in the world as being original sin.  He has shown that sin entered into the world through one man’s sin, Adam (not Eve, who historically sinned first, but Adam, who stood as the representative of the race).  Because of Adam’s sin, the sentence of death passed upon our guilty parents, and all of their posterity.  The guilt of that original transgression was charged not against Adam only, but against all of those whom he represented, which is all the children which have ever sprung from him and his wife.