But the love of God in Christ is something entirely and altogether different.  It is one thing for a policeman to die defending his community from the criminal; it would be quite another for the policeman to willingly exchange his life to save that criminal.  Yet, this is precisely what was done for us in Christ.  God did not look at us and see creatures who were so noble, so worthwhile, that it was deemed a reasonable exchange to spill the blood of His only begotten Son on our behalf.  He saw us as what we are: sinners, enemies to His throne, and fully deserving of everlasting fire.  And yet, in spite of all of what we are, His heart burned with love towards us, and He determined that He would save us, and transform us from enemies into sons by sending Christ into the world to die for us.


This is the commendation of His love.  It is nowhere seen more plainly than on the cross, when the only begotten Son, Jehovah’s fellow, hung suspended between heaven and earth, bleeding on behalf of sinners.  If we who have believed are ever compelled through the severity of our trials to question God’s love for us, let us look to the cross of Christ, and we will no longer doubt that God has fully and unreservedly commended His love towards us in the most dramatic fashion possible.