Who Is A Pardoning God Like Thee?

This message was preached the first Sunday in April, in preparation for our church’s Communion service.  Micah the prophet, in closing his book, cries out that there is no God at all like our God, because the God of Israel pardons iniquity, and passes by the transgression of the remnant of His heritage.  He does not stop there, but compounds the blessing by declaring the reason God does not retain His anger forever is because He delights in mercy.  This delighting in mercy by our good God is one of the most beautiful aspects of His character to meditate upon, and a chief incentive for needy sinners to come to Christ.

All of these graces flow to us through Christ, particularly the pardoning of iniquity and passing by of transgressions.  It is based upon the work of the cross, to which Micah looked forward, and upon which we look back by faith.