Second Sermon on the Fourth Commandment

This second message on the Fourth Commandment attempts to open up the question of whether observing the Sabbath was something intended for the nation of Israel, or whether it is a universal commandment, binding upon all men everywhere in all times and places.  An argument can perhaps be made for the latter from the fact that the Sabbath is a creation ordinance; however, the lack of information regarding Sabbath observance between Genesis 2 and Exodus 16 makes this impossible to confirm, one way or another.

My contention, as presented in the message, is that we cannot find anywhere in the Old Testament where God is shown to require Gentiles to observe the Sabbath rest.  Moreover, in the New Testament, sabbath breaking is never mentioned in the list of sins, nor is it ever made a priority in teaching, even in the Gentile churches.  The conclusion, then, is inevitable that Sabbath keeping, at least as it is laid out extensively in the law of God, was something only required of the Hebrew nation.