Not for Abraham alone was it written that righteousness was imputed to him, but for us who come after as well, in order that we may have confidence that God will deal as graciously with us as He did with the great patriarch.  Yes, guilty and vile though we be, even sinners of the Gentiles, yet if we believe on Him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead, the gift of righteousness is ours, received not because of our good deeds, but through simple faith.  This is why salvation is as obtainable for the guiltiest wretch out of hell as it is for the cleanest and most upright citizen on the face of the earth.  God’s righteousness, which is the only righteousness He will approve, has never been obtainable by a man’s personal merit, but only by believing in the promises of a faithful God, as they are fulfilled and ratified in Jesus Christ. 



Paul says that we must “believe on Him Who raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead…”  This, unquestionably, refers to the Father, and very probably is phrased this way to remind us of Who the great Promiser is.  Moreover, he brings in the resurrection because that grand event was the coronation of the Son of God, Who is the great Redeemer that was promised to Abraham.  It was the resurrection which confirmed that all the promises made to Abraham are indeed fulfilled, and we no longer have the slightest justification for unbelief.