When Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as president of the Confederate States of America, he was introduced by William Lowndes Yancey with the famous words, “The man and the hour have met.”  Reflecting today on the inauguration of Donald Trump last Friday, I thought the words were even more appropriate for what we saw last Friday than they were for President Davis in 1861.

The Donald Trump phenomena is beyond a doubt the most amazing political event I have seen in my life.  In many ways, all of Trump’s faults and weaknesses notwithstanding, it is an answer to prayer; not only the prayers of many of God’s people that we would be spared the grim specter of a Hillary Clinton presidency, but also their prayers against the “new order” of globalism that has been being steadily built up since the end of the Second World War.  The media reviled Trump’s inauguration speech as “isolationist,” even Hitlerian, because he dared to say that every country, including America, has the right and the duty to look out for its own interests first.  “America first” is a dirty word in American politics, because it is a direct challenge to globalism, and the One World schemers.  The media and political complex do not hate Donald Trump because of his carousing, his brashness or insulting comments, but because he is the first American president since before Franklin Roosevelt to throw down the gauntlet against the new world order, and win.  In a victory speech in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump said, “The relationships that people value in this country are local.  There is no global anthem, no global currency, no certificate of global citizenship.  We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag is the American flag.”  While this kind of language is music to the ears of American patriots, it is anathema to globalists such as the Clintons, the Rockefellers, the Bushes, and almost anyone belonging to the Council on Foreign Relations.


Donald Trump was not my first choice for president, but in God’s mysterious providence, it appears, at least to my limited intelligence, that in this brash New York billionaire the man and the hour have met.  The forces of globalism have done such enormous economic and cultural damage through monstrous trade deals, massive bureaucracies, and unfettered Third World immigration, that Western man seems at long last to be having his eyes opened to what has been being done to him for more than half a century.  The Brexit vote in Britain and the ascendancy of right wing nationalist parties in Europe were the first warning bell.  The victory of Donald Trump over several Republican globalists, and then the consummate globalist insider, Hillary Clinton, was a stunning message heard round the world.

It is doubtful, to my mind, whether almost any other person, even running on a similar platform, could have won this election, with all the media odds and a daunting electoral map stacked against him.  While many people would be naturally put off by a loud, brash, crude New Yorker with an ego the size of the Empire State Building, it is very likely that a soft-spoken gentleman, no matter how smooth a politician, could have succeeded against similar odds.  For instance, my favorite presidential candidate in my lifetime was Ron Paul, because of his unflagging devotion to the Constitution and outspoken criticism of the Federal Reserve.  However, even had Paul somehow overcome the odds to win the Republican nomination, it is very doubtful that a soft-spoken intellectual like Paul could have overcome the massive media onslaught that would have been launched against him, who was even more of an outsider than Donald Trump.  The last two presidential contests well illustrate my point.  When the media turned like hungry lions on John McCain and Mitt Romney, they cringed, they cowered, they apologized, they evaded, they used all the old familiar Republican tactics to attempt to placate a hopelessly oppositional media.  John McCain, particularly, seemed to spend more time attempting to persuade his own voters what a good and harmless man Barack Obama was than actually campaigning against him.

Donald Trump ran as the anti-John McCain.  Instead of extolling Hillary’s virtues, he dragged up every Clinton scandal under the sun to public view, plastered the name “crooked Hillary” on her, threatened to have her prosecuted if elected, and egged his crowds on as they chanted, “Lock her up!”  While much of this was undoubtedly campaign rhetoric, it also was extremely effective.  When the media went for the kill by releasing a long-held undercover video of Trump making extremely crude and vile comments about women, instead of cringing, pleading for mercy, or even resigning his candidacy, Trump instead went full-steam ahead, bringing out a litany of Bill Clinton’s accusers to undermine Hillary’s “war on women” narrative.  Meanwhile, as the media mercilessly assaulted him every hour, instead of placidly accepting the punishment, Trump counterpunched on Twitter, in press conferences, and at his rallies, where he consistently pointed out the media tank for the boos of the crowd, and often even calling out particular reporters and news organizations.  What Trump has hopefully shown a generation of Republicans is that the path to victory is not through trying to win the media over, but by attacking them even more harshly than they attack you.  Very few other Republicans would have had the spine to withstand the stunning barrage of negative coverage aimed at Trump during the campaign.

Donald Trump was not my first pick for president, and, in fact, as I have noted before on this blog, I did not even vote for him.  While I support most of his platform, particularly on trade and immigration, and am optimistic about the first few days of his term, I was and am not persuaded that Trump is a man who will rule in the fear of God.  Nonetheless, God has often used even godless rulers for His own good purposes.  It appears to me that in Donald Trump the Lord has not struck a heavy blow against the forces of global tyranny, but also may be giving His people in America a reprieve from the persecution of Christians which began in earnest under Barack Obama, and would certainly have accelerated under a Clinton administration.  We can only pray that in God’s mercy, the amazing political revolution we are witnessing will be the harbinger of an even greater spiritual reformation and revival that will shake all the nations to their very core.