The judge was passing the old woman’s stall, where she was selling apples. “Well, Molly,” he asked her, “don’t you get tired, sitting here on these cold, dismal days?” “It’s only a little while,” Molly answered him.
“And the hot, dusty days?” the judge asked again. “It’s only a little while, sir,” the patient woman answered again.
“And the rainy, drizzly days?” he asked. “It’s only a little while;” she gave the same answer.
“And your sick, rheumatic days, Molly?” “It’s only a little while, sir.”
“And what then, Molly?”
“I shall enter into the rest which remains for the people of God, and the troublesomeness of the way there doesn’t pester or fret me. It’s only a little while, sir.”
“All’s well that ends well, I dare say,” the judge said politely but probably without much understanding of the spiritual experience of this good woman. Yet he asked her:  “But what makes you so sure, Molly?”
“How can I help being sure, sir,” she answered, “since Christ is the way, and I am in Him? He is mine, and I am His. Now I only feel along the way. I shall see HIM as He is in a little while, sir.”
“Ah, Molly, you have more than the law ever taught me,” the judge confessed. Then he added, “Well, Molly, I must look into these things.”
As he walked off with the apple he had bought, Molly added, “There is only a little while, sir.”
She was absolutely right. We are told, “Seek ye the LORD while He may be found.”  We only have a little while to seek Christ and to find Him.  Only thus will we be safe when death comes, and it can come so unexpectedly.