Two facts must be carefully held together; that God has said whoever hangs upon a tree is cursed, and that it was His will for His own Son to suffer thus.  It may seem harsh and strange at first sight that the Lord of Glory, Who has all sovereign authority and before Whom all the angels of heaven tremble and prostrate themselves, should be subject to such a curse.

But we must remember that Paul said gospel teaching is foolishness to the human race, who regard themselves as wise (I Corinthians 1:18, 23).  Indeed, in this way God humbles us for our folly.  For there is enough wise and good instruction (if we care to heed it) in the heaven and earth around us, yet we are blind and shut our eyes to God’s wisdom displayed in nature.  This is why He has opened up a new way to draw us to Himself through something that we deem foolish!  So we must not judge by our human reasoning what we read here concerning the curse to which the Son of God was subject.


Instead, we should delight in such mystery and give glory to God that He loved our souls so much that He redeemed them at such inestimable cost to Himself.  Indeed, may we all glorify God, for our Lord Jesus Christ refused to consider it robbery (as Paul express it) to reveal Himself thus in His infinite glory (Philippians 2:6).  He willingly emptied Himself, not only taking upon Himself a human nature and becoming a man, but also submitting to a most shameful death in the sight of both God and man.

How precious we must have been to Him for experiencing such extreme suffering for our redemption!  If we could taste something of what this implies, we would forever magnify His unspeakable grace which surpasses all human understanding.