The 15th verse is taken probably both from Proverbs 1:16 and Isaiah 59:7, which both speak of men as having feet swift to shed blood.  Murder is a crime that has plagued the human race since the very first family, as witnessed by the slaying of Abel by his brother.  Though by God’s grace many of us are restrained from committing acts of violence with our hands, the seed of murder, manifested through unjust anger, with its various expressions and outbreaks, is in each and every one of us.  The countless strifes, wars, and slaughters that have plagued our globe from time immemorial prove that men in every age, of every race, in every climate conceivable, are always abundantly eager to shed blood.  Thus did Isaiah go on to say that wasting and destruction are in the paths of the wicked, which is a description of men apart from God; which Paul has proven is the state of every man by nature, indeed of every man until he comes to know Christ.  Paul transcribes the words as “destruction and misery,” which yields the same concept.


It follows, then, that men in this state and condition do not know the way of peace.  Marriages are broken, homes become scenes of strife and misery, workplaces are full of stress and rancor, nations frequently are at war with one another, and personal conflicts abound in the lives of all, because men apart from God cannot find the way to peace.  They have striven to do so through philosophy, psychology, politics, totalitarianism, and many other ways, but always have proven utter failures.  The United Nations will not help men to find the way of peace, nor will education, or diversity, nor any bright new philosophy.  When men attempt to address the human condition without first recognizing the truth of the Bible’s doctrine about man, they never fail to make matters worse instead of better.