Although I did not vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election on Tuesday, as I noted before on this blog, I was all in all very thankful for the outcome.  Below are a few reasons why I am heartily thankful to the Lord that Mr. Trump, and not Hillary Clinton, is the 45th president of the United States.

  1.  It appears to me that by putting Donald Trump into office, the Lord has given His people in this country a temporary reprieve from persecution.  It is no secret to any observant believer that animosity toward, and persecution of, Christians, has accelerated at breakneck speed under the administration of Barack Obama.  Day after day we learn of Christians who lose their jobs in the public and private sectors because of their biblical beliefs; businesses which are heavily penalized and shut down because they will not endorse homosexuality; and the forcing of Christian organizations to pay for abortifacients under Obama insurance rules.  We all grimly remember as well the spectacle of Kim Davis sitting in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals.  Under Hillary Clinton, who has publicly pronounced that “structural biases and religious beliefs” must be changed, this pattern would unquestionably have continued and doubtless accelerated even more.  Donald Trump, to his credit, has campaigned strongly on the issue of protecting religious liberty, including voicing his opposition to the Lyndon Johnson law which threatens the tax-exempt status of churches if their pastors endorse political candidates.  While I certainly do not consider Donald Trump to be a genuine Christian, I do at the same time feel quite confident that he will not actively persecute the Lord’s people, and am optimistic that he may even take measures to protect us.  Of course, this is a reprieve that may only last for 4 years, but we ought to thank the Lord for any reprieve at all, in this age which is increasingly hostile to biblical Christianity.


2.  Along the same lines, there is a real chance now that Obamacare may be repealed.  This is one of the few issues that has united Republicans; and if they are willing to use the budget reconciliation tactics that got the bill passed in the first place, we may actually get rid of this abominable legislation that has contributed to some of the problems enumerated above, as well as contributing to the destruction of our health care system, the financial endangerment of countless citizens, and the destruction of constitutional protections, thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts.

3.  To his credit, Donald Trump has unapologetically promoted an “America first” foreign and domestic policy, objecting to jobs and sovereignty-killing trade deals, and putting the safety of the American people first by protecting our Southern border and enacting strong restrictions on immigration from Islamic countries.  We have been lacking a president who put America first since before the Second World War, and it is high time we returned to it.  I would even pray that Mr. Trump would put us on the path to exiting the abomination that is the United Nations.

4.  Abortion.  Enough said.  While I am not quite convinced of Trump’s conversion to the pro-life side, I give him credit for boldly stating in the third debate that he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade.  To Hillary Clinton and her left-wing base, on the other hand, killing babies is not just a woman’s right, it is a sacrament of their New Age, pagan religion.

5.  This election revealed that the power of the media to control and manipulate the American people is fast waning.  The influence of conservative media continues to expand, and the internet gives the common man access to news and opinion sources not firmly controlled by the liberal elite.  Still, the mainstream media launched all-out war on Donald Trump on a scale never witnessed before in the history of this country.  In the end, it backfired on them, as working-class Americans sick of losing their jobs and sick of seeing dangerous foreigners recklessly imported into the country, spited the media and elected the man they had attempted for almost a year to systematically destroy.  It is true that Donald Trump deserved a good deal of scrutiny and criticism for his past acts and words; however, the media’s relentless and often unfair attacks on Trump, while consistently attempting to whitewash and cover up the countless and far more dangerous Hillary scandals was a national disgrace.  Thank the Lord the people voted their interests this time instead of listening to their masters at NBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS.

There is so much more that could be said, but this will suffice for now.  I did not mark the Trump-Pence ticket on my ballot, because I have not been persuaded that Donald Trump is a man who will be just, ruling in the fear of God.  However, I am deeply thankful we have been spared the dreadful specter of a Hillary Clinton presidency.  The Lord’s people ought to direct hearty thanks toward heaven for this reprieve, and out of gratitude redouble our efforts to serve Him and promote the interests of Christ’s kingdom in the world.