The conclusion of Paul’s argument is found in verse 9.  Beginning at the start of chapter 2, he has been at great pains to prove that the Jew is just as incapable of satisfying God by his own goodness as the Gentile, but is a guilty sinner before God.  He admitted at the beginning of chapter 3 that the Jew possessed a tremendous advantage in his possession of the scriptures, but this in no way shook his contention that the Jew cannot please God by his own works.  Now he states it very boldly: the Jew is, taken by himself before the judgment bar of God, in no better case than the Gentile.  Already, he declares, he has proven absolutely conclusively that both are under sin, which means that they are guilty, helpless, and subject to the righteous judgment of God.  Self-righteousness and human merit is of no avail, because both are already marked with a brand of infamy before God, and can do nothing by their own power to escape His righteous judgment.  This conclusion he now proceeds to ratify beyond any hope of successful counterargument with a cannonade of quotations from the Old Testament scripture which address the spiritual state of all men everywhere in the world.kjv_romans_3-9