A Christian Voting Guide

One of the questions debated among Christians every election cycle is, “Should I vote for the lesser of two evils?”  That debate has perhaps never been more poignant than in 2016, when our choice is between a lewd businessman with some good policy proposals, and Hillary Clinton, our modern day equivalent of Queen Jezebel.

Instead of coming up with pragmatic or “common sense” answers to this question, believers should ask, “What saith the scripture?”  The principle enunciated by the prophet Jehu to Jehoshaphat, after that good king returned from a war in which he supported the wicked Ahab, should help answer the question: “Shouldest thou love the ungodly, and help those who hate the Lord?  Therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord.”  This message takes this principle, and attempts to apply it to the Christian and his responsibilities before God in the voting booth.