This provides me with the first opportunity to point out that we have great reason to know that our interpretation of Paul’s doctrine of salvation is true, because the very same objections made against the apostle are lodged against the advocates of the doctrines of grace today.  Such accusations as were made against Paul would never be made against a Campbellite, or a Roman Catholic, or any other who assigns to human works some part of the merit of salvation.  They are much too interested in crying up the value of human merit for anyone to imagine, or even plausibly suggest, that they have taught that we should do evil that good may come.


However, this accusation has been, and still is, made against those who preach that salvation comes freely through Jesus Christ alone, His shed blood and His spotless righteousness.  We will find the same objection being answered in chapter 6 at greater length, and will also find in chapter 9 that we who preach God’s sovereign election encounter the very same objections as did the apostle.  This should comfort us, in that it shows us that we are preaching the precise same Gospel of grace which Paul taught.