And now Paul concludes his argument of the second chapter with an astounding statement, which I am sure many modern Christians would be shocked to find exists in the Bible.  The historically recent advent of Dispensationalism has given many people an unhealthy obsession with the Jews, by which I mean the people who say they are descendants of Abraham (whether their claim be true or not).  I have no quarrel with those who look for and expect a great revival among the Jewish people in the latter days; a strong biblical case can be made for such an event, as we shall observe in our remarks on the 11th chapter.  However, I have a very vehement quarrel with those who say that the people inhabiting the nation of Israel are in special favor with God, in many ways more so than the believing church of Christ, for no other reason than their lineal connection to Abraham.  It may well be that the time is coming when the people of Israel will turn to serve the Lord their God, and David their king; but there is no evidence that such is occurring at the present moment.  It is vain, and I go further to say it is wicked, to say that the nation of Israel, or any particular Jew, which rejects Jesus Christ, embraces secular humanism with all of its murderous and perverted practices and philosophies, is in favor with God.  Have they not learned that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from the very stones?  Hebrew blood buys no person favor with God.  Except they come unto God through Christ, they are as surely lost as the heathen Gentile.  Our blessed Lord and John the Baptist hammered upon the proud Jews of their day with that very lesson, and Paul is emphasizing it for the sake of the Jewish Christians in the church at Rome.  He wants them to know that it is not blood which counts, but what our hearts are like before God.


And so, having proven that an uncircumcised Gentile who keeps the law condemns a circumcised Jew who breaks the law, he shows that the true seed of Abraham are not his circumcised sons by blood, but the sons of the faith of Abraham.  The outward Jew is not the true Jew, after a spiritual fashion.  His circumcision and Abrahamic blood count for nothing in the courts of heaven.  Circumcision was given as a type of the putting away of the sins of the flesh, or we might say of regeneration.  The physical surgery was not the true circumcision in which God is most keenly interested.  Many a circumcised son of Abraham now inhabits the halls of hell.