Light is not all that is needed.  Knowledge, even religious knowledge, cannot save the soul.  The doctors of the Sorbonne, the learned cardinals of the consistories of Rome, may know the truth and hate it too.  To cultivate the intellect and leave the heart unaffected, is but to increase the capacity for evil.  The learning of Germany has run into pantheistic infidelity.  The splendid achievements of France in literature and the arts and sciences, are only surpassed by her heaven-defying wickedness.  The traveller Livingstone tells us, that the most corrupt portions of Africa are those which have been in contact with European intelligence and civilization.


We ought not then merely to send out the light of God’s word to “the dark places of the earth, which are full of the habitations of cruelty,” but we ought also earnestly to pray that His Holy Spirit may carry home the truth to the heart and conscience of the whole heathen world.