The terms implacable and unmerciful follow on in much the same vein, and again paint a very ugly but very accurate picture of what man becomes apart from God.  He becomes so hard, so cruel, so vindictive in his spirit, that he is impossible to reconcile.  He lashes out at everyone that does not satisfy his whims, often resorting to violence to make the point that he is the one around which the world should revolve.

Of course, the idea of being unmerciful would go hand in hand with what we said about the horrors of abortion and euthanasia in the previous post.  What sort of mother could have such little pity upon the fruit of her womb that she would hire a doctor to pierce its head and extract the brain from her living child?  What kind of inhuman doctor would agree to participate in such a beastly procedure?  Truly does the scripture say, “The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”  Those who promote such astounding forms of brutality as abortion and euthanasia always clothe their practices in the guise of humanity and compassion, while in reality they are revealing just how cold, hard, wicked, and unmerciful men become when estranged from the God Who gave them life and breath and all things.