But they not only lack understanding, and therefore adopt bad policies; men become on every level covenant breakers.  What a dreadful indictment of the natural heart, particularly in people and societies which have been abandoned by God!  Men and women vow before God and men that they will be faithful to their marriage covenant till death do them part.  In practice, they are faithful only until they grow weary with the person they married, or until someone more beautiful comes along.  Politicians form agreements all the time, and make promises, which they routinely break.  People make financial commitments and agreements they have no intention of keeping.  Tenants and buyers sign contracts which they only fulfill if it happens to be convenient for them.  What was true of the Gentile world in Paul’s day is surely true of the reprobate Western world in which we live, from the highest to the lowest strata of society.

Without natural affection perhaps is the most frightening, but most accurate description of what happens to people in idolatrous societies which utterly abandon the knowledge of the true God.  In ancient times, it was seen in the barbarous practices of Baal worshippers, who burned their sons and daughters in the fire to their pagan deities, or in the blood-soaked altars of the Aztecs and Mayans, who offered their countless human sacrifices.  Today the complete loss of natural affection between husband and wife, between parents and children, between friend and friend, is evident on every hand.  Scarcely a day goes by that we do not hear of a child who assaulted or murdered its parent over some specious offense, such as not ordering the right kind of pizza.  We see even young children brutally assaulting one another, and young man after young man, driven by paranoia, drugs, despair, or some combination of these and other factors, to hoard up weapons, and begin massacring innocent people he never even knew.  The restraints have been cast off, and since the schools have taught us that there is no God, and the churches that there is no hell, there is very little to deter our modern maniacs from pursuing the violent impulses that enter their crazed minds.

Of course any discussion of the phrase “without natural affection” would be incomplete without referring to the abortion holocaust which has filled our land with innocent blood, which God surely will not pardon.  The sanctuary of a mother’s womb, which ought to be the safest, most scrupulously guarded place upon the face of the earth, has become the tomb for countless millions of unborn children across all nations poisoned by Marxist and post-modern thought.  Populations are being decimated and lives ruined, because of the damnable lies fostered by Planned Parenthood and others, that abortion is a safe, clean, honorable option for terminating an unwanted pregnancy.  We should not be surprised, since our modern heathens have rejected the biblical doctrine that men are made in the image of God.  If they are not, then what does it matter if we destroy a “blob of tissue?”  The mother now, who should be the chief nourisher, and the most tender person in the world towards her helpless infant, intentionally pays a hired assassin to scald or dismember the little one being carried in her womb.  Such bestial cruelty is almost unbelievable, did we not believe the scriptural record concerning the depravity of man.  That countless doctors may be found to perform these grotesque, barbaric procedures, is almost as remarkable as the fact that so many women (often with the full agreement of the men in their lives) willingly slay the defenseless little ones.  Since the murder of babies is now so popular, we should not be surprised when the slaughter of the aged and disabled through euthanasia is fully approved by those who may have their lifestyles disturbed by having to care for some close kinsman.