“Proud” and “boasters” may well go together, for the one usually accompanies another.  Pride is a word that never has a good connotation in the scripture.  It always describes the mind or behavior of someone who thinks he does not have to submit himself to God, nor show respect for his earthly superiors.  Oftentimes it is used as a general designation for the wicked who are estranged from God.  Because they think they do not need Him, they are lifted up in their own minds, and come to worship their own strength, abilities, and accomplishments.  Being so proud of who they are and what they think they have done, they boast of themselves before God and man, as if by their own strength and goodness they had done such mighty accomplishments; though often the things men are most proud of are nothing of any lasting value.  Topping the list of things the Lord hates is “a proud look.”  Pride and boasting never characterize the genuine Christian, and therefore when they have a dominion in any personality, we may gravely consider that this is a lost person under the judgment of God.

“Inventors of evil things” is another horrifying phrase used to describe the desperateness of man’s lost condition.  He is not content to live in those sins which come natural to him, but must invent fresh ways of doing more and more evil.  Science, which in so many ways has proven a godsend to our race, is often turned to the invention of evil.  It is used to facilitate mass murder, or government tyranny, grotesque medical or scientific experiments that tinker with things in nature that ought never to be touched.  Medical knowledge, which ought to be used for the benefit and health of mankind, is used to create mutants who are neither men nor women, or to devise the best ways to slaughter a child in the womb of its mother.  Man’s creative instincts, which ought to be used to glorify God and encourage one another, are all too often turned to devising some new filthy entertainment, another bawdy or lecherous song, a new “daring” television program that plumbs the depths of evil, driving society further and further into the depths of filth and immorality.  Man’s darkened heart becomes a veritable factory of evil inventions, so that there is scarcely any end to the wickedness he will commit, when once the divine restraints are taken off.