Thomas Sowell Tells It Like It Is

This article by black economist Thomas Sowell well encapsulates a point that I and many others have made on many occasions: the ongoing racial controversy and continual stirring up of grievances is orchestrated for political purposes and political purposes alone.  Moreover, the people who are fomenting it do not want to solve the problems which they allege and complain about.  After all, if tomorrow there were to be perfect harmony and equality, what would the race hustlers in media and politics do for a living?  They would have outlived their usefulness.ThomasSowell

More importantly, as Sowell so aptly points out, stirring up of black grievances, whether real or imagined, is done for one major purpose: to get out the vote for the Democrat party.  Therefore, be looking to hear more from Black Lives Matter in the coming months, which sadly, will probably involve more acts of violence against law enforcement.