Women, who ought to be more tender in their affections and more sensitive in their consciences than men, turn, when they have forsaken the true God for idols, unto all kinds of perversions, including lesbianism.  The men also, we find in verse 27, turned from the natural use of the woman to the unspeakable crime of sodomy with members of their own sex.  Nothing can be more evident, even from nature, than that God created the woman for the man, and that he is to derive his sexual pleasure from the woman alone (and that in a state of lawful matrimony).  But men who are abandoned by God to the uncleanness of their own lusts can become so perverse in their lusts that the enjoyment of a woman is no longer satisfactory, and they must attempt something even more daring to satiate their beastly appetites.  There are good reasons why God filled up entire chapters in His law, as written by Moses, forbidding sexual contact with close relatives, with beasts, or men with men.  He knows better than we do how deep the seeds of corruption are planted in our hearts, and what unspeakable moral outrages we can commit if He does not restrain us.  He knows that wicked men will not be satisfied with the wife God has given them, and will turn to other women, up to and including their own mothers or daughters, and then even to other men.  Therefore, He pronounced the severest penalties against these despicable and destructive crimes.

Sexual perversion is uniformly treated in scripture as the fruit of idolatry.  Paul presents it so here, and in Leviticus 19:24, after having given His regulations concerning consanguinity, and several forms of perversion, God says, “Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you: and the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.”  When God first promised the land to Abraham, He told him that his seed must suffer in a strange land for 400 years before they could occupy Canaan, because “the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.”  When Moses led the people out of Egypt, the Amorites had filled up the measure of their iniquity, so that there was no remedy for them, only extermination.  One of the chief proofs of their irreparable moral defilement was their widespread practice of sexual perversion.  Tragically, this was a sin that defiled not only the nations of Canaan, but it was a fixture in many idolatrous societies.  In Paul’s own day, there were temple prostitutes of both sexes, who performed all manner of abominable acts in their devotions to their false gods.  It is only the God of heaven Who teaches and leads men to lives of purity and holiness.  The idols of the heathen always foster and encourage the vilest and most sadistic behavior among their devotees.

But God would not permit us to think that one form of sexual behavior is just acceptable as another, though our generation has largely been convinced of this lie.  Paul writes that sexual perverts “receive in their bodies that recompense of their error which was meet.”  As they abandoned God’s commended mode of sexuality, so God rewarded them with all sorts of nasty diseases which ruin health, life, and reputation.  It is well known, even among the ungodly, that promiscuity leads to the rampant spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  These are now a virtual plague upon our society.  But the entire society, down to the little children, are not being taught it is because of rebellion against God’s law; rather, it is because people were not well taught enough to practice “safe sex.”  How blinding and deluding is the power of sin!  It is statistically proven that sodomites of both sexes, and males in particular, enjoy far briefer lifespans than heterosexuals, and are very often smitten not only with bodily diseases, but also frequently suffer from mental illnesses that produce high suicide rates.  Of course, all are familiar with the AIDS epidemic, which is usually the fruit of homosexual conduct.  But again, our blinded and reprobate culture is being taught that this is the result of unsafe sexual practices, rather than God smiting men in their bodies with the recompense of their error which is meet.  It is divine judgment, the reprobation of individuals and of cultures, which produces such blindness.  It is only divine mercy which can reverse this trend, which threatens to destroy cultures once so signally favored with the faithful preaching of the Word of God.