Now Paul describes an even more terrible abandonment by God, upon which men sink into the very sewer of depraved and deviant behavior.  The fruits of rejecting God to worship idols are dark and poisonous, and lead not just to a little bad behavior here and there, but to the very rankest and most abominable perversions.  Because, Paul tells us, men worshipped creatures instead of the Creator Who is blessed forever, God gave them up unto vile affections.  They no longer were animated primarily by the natural affection that a husband feels for wife, wife for husband, parents for children, etc., but they began to turn their most intimate affections towards unlawful objects.  Paul calls them “vile affections,” and we should speak in no weaker terms concerning the infamous crime against nature he goes on to describe.  Homosexuality, or, more appropriately, sodomy, is not simply an alternative lifestyle, or merely a man loving another man instead of a woman, a woman loving another woman instead of a man.  It is a hateful, unnatural perversion, a crime against God and against nature, a crime so disgusting and so filthy that one would fain wish it would not even need to be discussed in the home or from the pulpit.  Nevertheless, when society collapses morally, as our own has done, we must take up this sword of the Spirit, and do battle with the degenerate lies of our own age, and plant our feet solidly upon the rock of eternal truth.  The sexual affection of a man for another man, or of a woman for another woman, is not something that can ever be approved.  That affection, no matter what society and government may say, is “vile,” and is an evidence that God has abandoned said culture to eat of the fruit of their own ways, and be filled with their own devices.  Surely, the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them.

The sin of lesbianism is not often addressed in the Bible; in fact, this is the only passage in which it is directly spoken of.  The law of God speaks of men lying with men, or with beasts, but never expressly mentions women lying with women.  Still, it is no far-fetched deduction to conclude that, if male sodomy is condemned by the law of God, then the same sin in females is also abominated.  Paul here declares that it is a sign of God’s complete withdrawal of gracious influence from a culture when women abandon their natural use, which is to marry a man and bear children, into that which is against nature; in other words, types of sexual activity that are not only not designed for procreation, but even the unspeakable crime of a woman having sexual relations with a member of her own sex.  This, in the eyes of God, is vile.  That any woman anywhere could degenerate so foully in her affections and her morals would be shocking to us, if we were not bombarded by the cultural perversion all around us.  That it can happen on such a large scale as it has in the United States and our neighbors in Canada and Europe ought to startle us and make us cry out to God not to leave us to destruction.  It is quite certain that since these countries have turned their backs on God, excluding Him and His word from schools and universities, turning the halls of education, including seminaries that are nominally for the purpose of training men of God, into the central points of attack upon the scriptures of truth, God has in turn rejected them, and is permitting them to go merrily on their way to destruction.  Not only will countless souls descend into the lake of fire because of this divine act of judicial reprobation, the nations which have forsaken God and embraced every manner of sin will suffer severe punishment and destruction as well.  It has often been said that in the life to come men are judged only on an individual basis; therefore, if God is to judge nations, it must be done in this lifetime.  We have already seen mighty vials of destruction poured out upon the nations of Europe and, to a lesser degree, America, in the blood-baths of the world wars.  It is greatly to be feared that even sorer punishments are in store, for rather than repenting of their flaming crimes against heaven, the people of these nations have lifted themselves up even more haughtily against God, His word, and His people.