“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools…”  What an indictment of proud man!  The wiser he fancies he is becoming, the more foolish he is in the sight of God.  This is inevitable, for it stands eternally graven upon the rock of eternal truth, “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble.”  The more highly men think of themselves, the less do they know about God.  Paul states this, no doubt, to condemn the arrogance of Greek philosophy, which considered itself the highest form of wisdom ever developed by mortal man (and many today seem to agree with them).  Yet, these same men who could write great brilliant treatises upon all manner of speculative matters, could also bow down before an idol made of dead material, and worship it as though it had the power to deliver them from their troubles.  Yes, their intellects may have been great, but of what use is a brilliant intellect when one’s heart is blind towards the things of God and the matters of eternity?  Every person who considers himself as intelligent needs to consider this matter soberly.  There is always a tremendous danger that we come to consider ourselves as the fount of all wisdom, and we wonder how the world could ever get along without us.  Such pride God despises.  There is no man, no intellect, that is indispensable where He is concerned.  He can do more through a shepherd boy like David than through the lofty intellect of a Socrates.  He will use a simple fisherman like Peter or John to accomplish His grand eternal purpose, while despising the wisdom of a Gamaliel.

Do we not see the foolishness of man’s wisdom in our own time?  He thinks that through his social programs, his new philosophies, his worshipful devotion to the creeds of liberty and equality, that he will create a paradise upon earth, where all men will love and respect one another, and no longer will there be any discord on account of sex, race, or religious creed.  But when the ideas of these proud men, who now pride themselves on being far too wise for the archaic wisdom of the Bible, are put into practice, what do we find?  In the religious realm, the religion they do their most to defend and advance has become the murderer of thousands all over the world.  Their efforts to enforce racial equality have stirred up animosity between peoples of greater heat than has probably existed at any time in the history of our world, with no diminution in view.  Their ethos of sexual liberty and women’s rights has ruined the family, to the point where divorce is now rampant, large percentages of children come from broken homes, sexually transmitted diseases are at epidemic levels, and the jails are filling up faster than they can be built.  Society is crumbling apart at the seams, and the only answer the world’s wise men can come up with is bigger, more powerful, more oppressive government.  The wisdom of the world has built a financial system doomed to destroy itself, arsenals of weapons capable of destroying almost all life on the planet, and has done nothing to mitigate the hatred and strife that has cursed our planet since Adam first tasted the forbidden fruit.  Yet, the wise men of the Western world persist in thinking that they are right, and that they can create a world of peace and harmony without God and the Gospel of Christ.  Truly, their hearts and darkened, and their vaunted wisdom is the most benighted foolishness, which is drowning men in destruction and perdition.