How We May Know Our Doctrine is Correct

This was my message during our church’s spring Bible conference.  It seeks to answer the question, “How we may know that the doctrines of grace which we hold are really the truth of God’s word?”  The answer to this question is found in the book of Romans.  There are three questions contained therein that no person of an Arminian, or any other scheme of works salvation, will ever be asked.  No person who includes works in his system of salvation will ever be asked, “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?”

In Romans 9 two questions are asked which will never be asked of those who seek to make God’s election into nothing more than Him looking down through time to see who would believe.  “Is there unrighteousness with God?”  “Why doth He yet find fault?  For who hath resisted His will?”  Only if justification and election are according to the Calvinistic interpretation of Romans will these questions ever be asked.