It has been a solemn, even frightening letter that Jude has written.  Doubtless he was aware that such strong lines as he had composed would disturb many of the true children of God.  This, we know, was never his intention, though he certainly wished for even genuine believers to be on full alert against the assaults of the enemy, and to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.  But for the comfort of the Lord’s children, he closes with a sweet benediction which has provided encouragement to the saints in every age.  He does it by ascribing glory to the God of our salvation, denominating Him as “Him that is able to keep you from falling…”  A very necessary encouragement this, after having warned about those who professed faith in Christ, but are headed for the same destruction as Balaam and Korah!  The same God Who will destroy the perverters of His gospel will also preserve His own dear children from falling.  Though they may backslide from time to time, He will love them freely and heal their backsliding, and will not permit them to be destroyed alongside His enemies.

This gracious God will preserve us from falling, and will present us faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy.  This is one of the finest descriptions of preservation to be found anywhere in the Bible, and it yields a blessed, healing balm to those who embrace it.  I may say here that, not only is God able to keep us from falling, but He is also willing; and who hath resisted His will?  He will preserve us from falling out of a state of grace and salvation, and in the end will present us before Himself with His spotless bride, to our amazement and unbridled joy.  We are faultless, not because we lived spotless lives upon this earth, but because of the righteousness of Christ imputed to us by divine grace.  Our sins were laid upon Him, and His righteousness is laid upon us.  On this ground alone shall we be received as faultless, and granted an entrance into His everlasting kingdom.  If God were either unable or unwilling to deliver us to this glorious end, then what comfort could we possibly find in the Gospel?  But the knowledge that God will deliver us from all our enemies, both the subtle and destructive as well as the raging and violent, provides tremendous solace to the child of God who faces the bitter tribulations of this earthly life.