As regards those that fall, Jude has a special word for them in verse 23.  Evidently, the lies of the apostates who crept unawares into the church were so persuasive that genuine believers were being led into sin through inclining to their opinions.  Jude does not tell us that because these have fallen they should be cast aside and given up as reprobates.  Perhaps these are such that Paul spoke of to the Galatians, who were overtaken in a fault, and ought to be restored in the spirit of meekness.  Such restoration must of necessity include severe warnings against the artful lies which led them into Bypath Meadow.  They should be pulled out of the fire, rebuked for their sin, and warned against it.  This, I think, is what Jude intends by saying “save with fear.”  They should be made perfectly aware of the consequences of hearkening to the false teachers and following their pernicious ways.  If they persist in that deadly path, they will be plunged into everlasting destruction, like the wicked angels, and the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah.  These believers have, as it were, been singed by the very fires of hell.  Nevertheless, by the grace of God, they were snatched out of the fire through the timely warnings and patient labors of other faithful Christians.

All of us, having been made aware through the sober warnings of Jude, should learn to hate even the garment spotted by the flesh.  The Christian must learn to hate everything that reeks of sin, for it is sin which drowned the old world in the waters of the flood, consumed the cities of the plain, and bound the fallen angels in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.  Every thought, every word, every pursuit in which we engage, should be carefully consider, lest it lead us from the path of holiness.  We know not where one false step may take us, if we do not quickly repent and set our feet once more in the straight and narrow path.  Such faithful, consistent living can only come through the powerful operations of the Spirit of God in us, for which each believer ought constantly to pray.