A Woman Taken In Adultery

Immediately after the Feast of Tabernacles concluded, Jesus returned again to Jerusalem to teach.  But this time He was rudely interrupted by a crowd of Pharisees who brought before Him a woman taken in adultery, to inquire His opinion of what ought to be done about her.  The link above is to the first of (Lord willing) four messages from this important passage.

Approximately half of this sermon is taken up with a discussion of the authenticity of this passage.  John 7:53-8:11 is one of the most hotly disputed sections of scripture, with regards to its place in the canon.  While Higher Criticism (which I take opportunity to criticize) has added fuel to the fire, the debate over this passage has gone on since the early ages of the church.  I take the position that this section is indeed true scripture, for a number of reasons which are briefly touched upon; its consistency with the character and actions of Christ; the evidence of it being the product of eyewitness testimony; the testimony of early church fathers such as Augustine; and, perhaps most importantly, the fact that leaving it out would leave us with a rough, disjointed transition that is utterly unlike anything we find anywhere else in John’s gospel.

After touching upon this subject, the message covers the first four verses, seeking to set the stage for the important confrontation that follows.