Study on Christians and Pornography

The link above tells one of the most disturbing stories I have encountered in a very long time.  Josh McDowell, noted Christian apologist, relates that a study by Barna Group states that 76% of Christians ages 18-24 are actively involved with pornography.  As the article also reveals, more of these so-called Christians think that failing to recycle is a sin than believe that using pornography is sinful.

Two things need to be pointed out here.  First, people who have no problem using pornography for entertainment have no claim whatsoever to be Christians.  No person who is led and taught by the Spirit of God can proceed carelessly in such a course, without thinking they are doing any wrong.  I do not say that a true believer could not fall into this sin, as indeed any of us could any sin, if not upheld by divine grace.  But the truth is that when vast percentages of certain age groups of professing believers are happily involved in an egregious sin, the basic reality is that they have never been born again of the Spirit of God.

Secondly, we must understand that this tragic spiritual situation is the fruit of modern evangelism.  The evangelistic idea that teaches us to use any means necessary to get people in and get them to make a profession has produced churches full of people who know more about smut on the internet than they do about what is contained in the holy scriptures.  The damnable doctrine espoused by many, that anyone who “invites Jesus into their hearts” is saved, no matter what they do afterwards, bears a heavy load of responsibility in producing these kinds of converts, which are a shame and disgrace to the church of Christ.  What Christ’s church desperately needs is men like Noah, who was a preacher of righteousness; preachers like Paul, who could reason of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come.  Until the church abandons its false evangelism and its false converts, and gets serious about preaching the true gospel, we may look for larger and larger percentages of deluded church goers to think that they can have their pornography and have Jesus and heaven at the same time.