Blacks and the Confederacy

I would like to thank Walter Williams, conservative black columnist, for his forthrightness and honesty concerning the War Between the States.  It takes a certain degree of courage for any public person to speak the truth about this controversial topic in this day and age, and particularly to so much as hint that any black person may have been favorably inclined towards the Southern Confederacy during the war.  And yet, as the several quotations contained in this article show (including one by black Abolitionist Frederick Douglass), there were numerous blacks who served in the Confederate armies during the war, and they were apparently less segregated than their Union counterparts.

I would urge any person with an interest in the truth and historical honesty to read this article, and if so inclined to search the matter out further.  We must recognize that almost all of popular history is a lie, based upon false premises, and is used to further the idolatrous religion of Political Correctness.  We need more blows against the lies and the idols of our modern age by men of honesty and integrity like Walter Williams.