Atheism and Practical Atheism

One of the most flagrant and egregious violations of the First Commandment is the sin of atheism.  To deny that there is no God at all, and to live accordingly, is clear and unambiguous rebellion against the law which directs us to have no other gods before the true God.

But there are many more “practical atheists” than true atheists.  In fact, Christian churches often abound with those who acknowledge God, and in some degree seek to serve Him, yet still they live their lives as if there were no God at all, and as if He had given no laws by which they were to live.  This is, if anything, an even more egregious sin against the First Commandment than to be an outright atheist.  It is these two forms of atheism, and their attendant sins, with which this sermon deals, under the searchlight of the First Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”