John had heard a good report of Gaius from reliable witnesses, and this gave great joy to the heart of the aged apostle.  I think that all Christians who are not of a calloused disposition, or so insular that they think that only their little group has the truth, can identify somewhat with the spirit that John manifests here.  I know for my own part that it is always a distinct pleasure to hear of faithful brethren in Christ, whether I have ever laid eyes on them or not.  Be they here in the United States, or scattered somewhere on the other side of the globe, to hear from sound brethren that there are other Christians in another place walking in the truth of Christ, is a joyful thing.  Gaius truly was a man who had a good report of them that were without.  His Christian reputation spread abroad throughout the early church, and John was not hesitant to commend him for it.  For our own part, we ought to concern ourselves that we are so faithful to walk in the truth,  that when our brethren carry news of us to far-away places, they will be able to happily testify of the truth that is in us, even as they found us walking in the truth.