Jack Cashill on the Mizzou Mess

I highly recommend the article linked to above, by Jack Cashill, on the disgusting display at the University of Missouri this week.  Mr. Cashill has done a lot of valuable work in exposing the dishonesty, manipulation, and government bullying going on at Ferguson and other places, as well as chronicling the “knockout game” phenomena in which young black men sucker punch people they don’t know, something which happens routinely in big cities.

Public universities have become not only open moral sewers, but have become fanatical proponents of Marxist theories of racism.  One should not feel sympathy for college presidents and chancellors who lose their jobs over phony offenses like those recorded this week; after all, they are the ones who built this liberal monster that is now devouring them, by teaching every minority and every female to think of themselves as a victim, search for offenses, and to actually think and believe that they should be able to go through life (at least on their college campus) without ever being offended.  Michael Savage was unquestionably right when he said that liberalism is a mental disorder.  What else could explain a phenomena of students protesting, half a football team walking out, and a college president resigning, because some lazy lout, pretending to be oppressed when he has spent 8 years in college while living off of his father’s 8 million dollar a year job, claims he was mortally offended by allegedly hearing somewhat shout a racial epithet from a passing truck.  So, what is the college president supposed to do about such a horrifying incident?  Maybe call out the full force of the FBI, National Guard, state police, and everyone else, to find the horrible offender, before this poor oppressed student dies of starvation on his hunger strike.

One thing if for certain, these students are not learning how to deal with the real world at the University of Missouri, nor at any other institution (meaning just about any American university) where modern racial orthodoxy is upheld.  The prevailing principle is that all dark-skinned people are oppressed, and have the right to protest their oppression, whether they can prove an offense or not; white people, on the other hand, are automatically tainted with the brush of racism, because their supposed “white privilege,” whatever that is.  The only way we can atone for the unspeakable sins which we didn’t commit is by fully supporting blacks or other racial minorities in their grievances, regardless if they are based on reality or not.

I, for one, am not going along with it, and will not, by God’s grace, allow my children to attend a university campus where they are exposed to such virulent anti-white racism, rampant dishonesty, and downright childish immaturity.  The college president ought to be ashamed of himself for resigning instead of finding out the facts; for resigning instead of telling the campus tyrants on the football team that the game against BYU is being canceled, and their scholarships are being revoked because they are not holding up their end of the bargain with the university.  What happened at Missouri is a national disgrace, but look for it to occur at many other universities across the country as minority students discover that they can get anything they want just by playing the race card.