Laodicean Christendom is boasting of its riches, and knows not that it is poor and wretched and naked.  Part of those “riches” which she boasts so loudly of is the “great increase of light” which it is supposed that the study of “prophetic” and “dispensational” truth has brought to us.  Yet not only is that a subtle device of Satan’s coming as “an angel of light,” to darken men’s understandings, and make them believe that his lies are “wonderful discoveries” and openings up of the Scriptures, but the present generation has far less real Light than Christendom enjoyed a century ago.  By which we mean, there is far less faithful and fearless preaching of those things which make for practical godliness and holy living.  But that is not the worst: Scriptural evangelism has well-nigh disappeared from the earth.

The “Gospel” which is being preached today is only calculated to deceive souls and bolster them up in a false hope.  To make men believe that God lives them, while they are under His wrath (see John 3:36), is worse than a physician telling a diabetic subject that he may safely eat all he wishes.  To withhold the preaching of the Law–its Divine authority, its inexorable demands, its spirutality (in requiring inward conformity to it: Matthew 5:22, 28), its awful curse–is to omit that which alone conveys a true knowledge of sin: see Romans 3:20, 7:7.  To cry “Believe, believe,” and say nothing about repentance, is to falsify the terms of salvation: Luke 24:27, Acts 17:30.  To invite sinners to receive Christ as their “Saviour” before they surrender to Him as their Lord, is to present a false “way of salvation.”  To bid the lost “come to Christ” without telling them they must first “forsake the world,” is to fill the “churches” with unconverted souls.  To tell sinners they may find rest unto their souls without taking Christ’s YOKE upon them, is to give the lie unto the Master’s own teaching: Matthew 11:29.