Next John invokes mercy upon the elect lady and her children.  Mercy is that quality wherein God considers us in our wretchedness, and is moved by pity to help us in our plight.  He looks upon us, not just as hateful rebels, but as foolish children, as sheep who have gone astray, and will quickly be devoured by the wolf except sovereign mercy intervene.  God looks upon us, and sees that we are headed for a sinner’s hell, and are too stupid to know that we are committing soul suicide.  Then, in mercy, He steps in to stop us in our mad career, to lift us out of the miry clay, establish our feet upon a rock, and establish our goings.  His mercy also continues with us all our days.  “The mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon those that fear Him.”  When we stumble, He pities us as a Father does His children, and lifts us up again to set our feet in the right path.  When we are afflicted by persecution, by slander, by the betrayal of others, or tormented by disease and pain, our merciful Father pities our condition, and helps us in all our infirmities.  He lifts our drooping spirits, and comforts our body by healing all our diseases and relieving our pain.  Our merciful High Priest was tempted in all points like as we are, and therefore is a faithful and merciful helper in time of need.  This continual outpouring of the mercy of God is what John would desire for his beloved children in the faith.

Finally, John wishes upon them peace, which is surely a signal benefit in a world that is full of chaos, turmoil, and strife.  It is a world where men’s consciences plague them with accusations of guilt, accusations which they have no way of silencing.  The message of the Gospel is God’s means of quenching the fiery torments of an offended conscience.  The man who comes to understand that it is God that justifieth, and that no man or devil can condemn him, has peace in abundance.  It is truly the only genuine foundation for peace.  Men may find some inner peace in false religion, and sometimes by practicing sin for so long that their conscience becomes seared and hardened, and they are even able to fool themselves that there is no God Who will call them to account.  But this is all a sad delusion.  “There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”  But to the righteous God extends peace like a river, through Jesus Christ, Who makes peace for His people with God, and causes them to be at peace with one another by breaking down the middle wall of partition between Jew and Gentile.  Peace in the soul, achieved through being reconciled to God by Jesus Christ, and peace in the conscience, which is a gift to which silver and gold cannot compare, are the blessings which the holy apostle would wish upon the elect lady and her children in a world full of strife and turmoil.