Our love for the brethren should be “for the truth’s sake,” and these truths are those same cardinal, unassailable Gospel facts enumerated in previous articles.  We can never throw aside our doctrine of the person of Christ, His deity, the trinity of persons in the Godhead, the efficacy of the redemptive work of Christ to save all who believe on Him.  These are the central facts of the Gospel around which all the true churches unite.  If we are not loving them for this truth’s sake, then it may be that our affection for them is based upon a lie which will destroy both us and them.

For God’s people, the truth dwells in us, and will remain in us forever.  Truth is timeless, and does not diminish nor lose its luster with the process of time.  In particular this is so with divinely revealed truth.  Certain items of truth may no longer be useful as time progresses, though their veracity in no way is impaired by the passage of years.  But the truth which God has revealed by His holy apostles and prophets is timeless, and speaks with authority to every generation.  “The truth of the Lord endures forever,” the scriptures say of themselves, and Jesus Christ Himself added, “Heaven and earth may pass away, but My words shall not pass away.”  This is the truth which dwells in the hearts of believers.  They may not understand every single word noted in the scripture of truth, but they have a basic understanding of its fundamental doctrines, particularly as revealed in the Gospel.  This truth dwells in the heart of the believer in Christ, and makes him the man that he is, and drives him to do the things which he does.

This truth does not take up only a temporary residence, but it shall be with us forever.  Does not this recall to mind what the blessed Lord told His disciples shortly before His passion, that after He ascended He would send them a Comforter, “even the Spirit of truth, which shall abide with you forever”?  We understand the truth, bask in it, and live upon it, because of the Spirit Who dwells in us.  It is not because of our own firmness or resilience that we cannot be separated from the truth of God which has transformed us into new men.  It is because of the presence of the Spirit of God, Who gave us that new life which we now enjoy, that we can never be separated from that truth which has saved us.  The position of Christ’s sheep is a secure one, because the almighty Father has chosen them to salvation, the gracious Son has accomplished their redemption by His death and resurrection, and the eternal Spirit seals them and keeps them in that truth which they have received to the saving of their souls.