Many persons of undoubted sincerity deem all civil rights proposals as sacrosanct and all persons who oppose them to be racial bigots. They charge me with inconsistency in advocating equal civil liberties for all Americans and opposing special civil rights for Americans of minority races. My positions in these respects are not inconsistent. They are completely harmonious. Equal civil liberties for all and special civil rights for some are incompatible in concept and in operation….There is an unbridgeable gap between civil liberties and civil rights. Civil liberties belong to Americans of all races, classes, and conditions. Civil rights are special privileges enacted by Congress, or created by executive regulations, or manufactured by activist Supreme Court Justices for the supposed benefit of members of minority races on the basis of their race.

For a fascinating read on Senator Sam Ervin of North Carolina, I recommend the below link to an article I recently found on the Abbevile Institute web site: