The Man of Sin and Son of Perdition

It was highly disturbing to see the outpouring of adulation for Pope Francis during his recent visit to the United States.  I was so appalled and disturbed by the reaction, not just of the political leaders of the country, but of religious people, including non-Catholics, that I thought it was high time to issue a reminder as to why Christians in the Reformed and Baptist traditions have been such staunch opponents of the papacy.  This sermon reminds us that going back even before Martin Luther, Bible believers have long held that the papacy is Antichrist, the Man of Sin and Son of Perdition described in II Thessalonians 2, and that the Roman Catholic church is the great Whore of Revelation 17.  History does much to buttress this claim, as I show by giving numerous quotes in which divine adoration is paid to the Pope.  There is no greater usurper or blasphemer on the face of the earth than the Roman Pope (be it Francis or any other man), who pretends to stand in the place of Christ, who undermines the authority of God’s word, and who perpetuates a system of salvation by works, idolatry, and the black magic of the Mass.  Instead of celebrating, genuinely informed Christians ought to mourn that a Pope was ever permitted to set foot in our country, let alone become the first leader of a religious sect to address a joint session of Congress.  We must know why our spiritual forefathers despised the papacy so wholeheartedly, while believers from Wyckliffe to Spurgeon and beyond considered the papacy as Antichrist, and must remain steadfast in our detestation of this false office, if we would be faithful to Christ.