Walter Williams on Women in Combat

Biblically speaking, the entire idea of women in combat is absolutely abominable, and should never be tolerated in a country that still holds to Christian ideals.  In the famous verse about cross-dressing in Deuteronomy 22:5, the Hebrew word for a man’s garment, which a woman was not permitted to wear, refers specifically to military accouterments.  If a woman is not permitted by God’s law to wear military garb, then surely God holds a very dim view of women in the military.

On a practical level, nothing can be more obvious to a reasonable mind than that women in combat is not just militarily questionable, but is positive madness.  This is another piece of evidence that Michael Savage is correct in calling liberalism a mental disorder.  Walter Williams’ article here helps to show the madness of this military social experimentation.  One would think that if women were suited for combat roles, some military in the history of the world would have discovered it by now.  No reasoning person honestly imagines that, had our armed forces in Europe or the Pacific in the Second World War had placed women in combat roles that they would have performed more effectively.  It is nothing but perverse, pagan social experimentation in a most dangerous arena, the military, which is committed to the defense of the country.  I think we can be fairly certain that ISIS, or Russia, or China, are not quaking in their boots to learn that the United States is introducing women into combat roles.