The Kim Davis incident this week tells us one thing: it is no longer a matter of when Christians are going to be persecuted.  Persecution is here now.  The facts speak for themselves: the only reason that Kim Davis is in jail right now is because she is a Christian who is adhering to the principles of biblical morality.  The 1st Amendment has been turned into toilet paper, and the nation is now drinking the wine of Sodom and eating the grapes of Gomorrah.

As many conservative pundits have rightly pointed out, this case illustrates yet again the blazing hypocrisy of Marxist leftism.  When Gavin Newsome, mayor of San Francisco, violated state and national law in 2004 by issuing marriage licenses to sodomites, he was hailed as a hero, and is still being lauded to this hour by liberal publications such as the Huffington Post.  Today there are dozens of cities across the country which have dubbed themselves “sanctuary cities,” where illegal aliens may abide without fear of being arrested and deported, in direct contradiction of federal law.  So are all the state and city laws legalizing the sale of marijuana.  Yet, somehow, even though immigration and drug laws are also “the law of the land,” President Obama and his minions in the government and media have no problem with them not abiding by said laws.  But when an obscure county clerk from Kentucky defies “the law of the land,” the howl goes up from the entire left wing, and many on the right, that she must obey “the law of the land,” even though no act of federal legislation has ever been passed by the only law-making body of the federal government in favor of homosexual marriage.

Thankfully, there are some public figures standing up for Kim Davis.  I am no admirer of Mike Huckabee, but he must be given due credit for the strong stance he has taken in support of Mrs. Davis.  Marco Rubio has made a strong statement of support, and probably the most impressive has been the man I currently favor the most for the 2016 election, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.  Listening to an interview with Cruz on the Sean Hannity show yesterday, almost the entire interview was taken up with the “black lives matter” nonsense, but at the end, without being prodded by the host, Cruz went out of his way to make a strong statement in favor of Kim Davis, saying that America was not designed to be a country where Christians could be put in jail for practicing their faith.  Today he issued a very strong statement, blasting the hypocrisy of the Left and the Obama administration, and strongly supporting Mrs. Davis.

We as Christians must now confront the reality that the government is our active enemy.  The prevailing liberal ideology is that the 1st Amendment only protects our religious freedom so long as we keep it in our homes and churches.  If we carry Christ with us into the public sphere, we are subject to harassment, intimidation, loss of job, and, yes, jail time.  Kim Davis is not the first to feel the wrath of Sodom (private businesses have been targeted and ultimately shut down because they will not endorse the crime against nature that homosexuality is), and she certainly will not be the last.  We should take every legal measure possible to protect ourselves, and pray that God will give us leaders at all levels of government with such a fear of God that they will protect His people, but we also must learn not to trust in man.  All of us, Christian pastors especially, must prepare ourselves as far as possible for a time when we are arrested and imprisoned for hate crimes for nothing else than preaching the biblical truth about homosexuality.  If anybody still buys into the myth that “gay” people are just normal folks who just happen to love somebody of the same sex, and only want equality, they need to discard it now.  People living in the practice of this abhorrent sin have seared consciences, and will stick at nothing to utterly destroy and annihilate all opposition to their perversity.  As their power increases, their aggression will increase as well.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that they will be satisfied now that they can legally pretend that they are married.  They will not stop until every voice of opposition is hushed either by death, or confined in a penitentiary.  If you don’t believe me, just get on any mainstream web site and read the unbelievable vitriol to be found in the comments sections from sodomites and their supporters.

Regardless of the fact we may have doctrinal disagreements with Mrs. Davis and/or her church, I contend that we ought to regard her as a Christian martyr (a martyr means a witness, not necessarily someone who has died for the faith), and support and pray for her diligently.  It may be that God will use the fires of persecution to purify His church, and then expand it.  That has often been His mode of operation throughout history.  Christians must deal with the reality that the government will no longer protect us, but is going to attack us more and more viciously, especially so long as we have an administration of the same ideological bent as the present one, and as long as the rulings of federal judges are hailed like edicts from Mount Sinai.  Let us gird up the loins of our mind, and be ready to say with Paul, “To you it is given, on the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for His sake.”  May our God help and strengthen Kimberly Davis as she suffers for Christ’s sake, and prepare us for what may lie ahead.