As he begins to draw his epistle to a close, John reminds us why he was written after such a fashion.  Contained within these 5 brief chapters are many exhortations and warnings, but all pertaining to the main end of helping the professing members of the body of Christ to know whether they are truly saved or not.  His letter is intended, not half so much for the disillusionment of the false professor, as for the comfort of the child of God.  It is true that his warnings are so stark and so sharp that they may even trouble the true Christian for a time.  Yet, when he examines himself and discovers longings after holiness, and genuine love for the children of God, he may then derive great comfort from this book of 1st John.

John would have us who have believed on the name of the Son of God to know that we truly possess eternal life.  It is not a doubtful, nor an ephemeral thing.  Eternal life is the present possession of all those who have truly believed on the name of God’s only begotten Son.  John’s epistle, when rightly interpreted and applied, helps us to know if we are among that happy number; and if we find none of the marks of grace described herein within ourselves, then it is a warning that we must flee to Christ without delay, in Whom alone salvation may be found.