July 21, 2015.  I write this as I sit in the Port of Spain, Trinidad airport, awaiting our flight to Miami.  Our final day in Guyana was a quiet one, no preaching or visitation.  We went by the market to purchase gifts for our families, and then spent most of the remainder of our time relaxing while the dark skies poured down rain.  In the evening we went for dinner to the home of Tony and Shammy, and their children Paul and Melissa.  They are (the parents at least) new members at Corriverton Baptist, and are eager and attentive hearers of the word.  Their hospitality was blameless, as we were again fed more than we could possibly eat.  Included on the menu was a kind of dip made out of eggplant (we use a flatbread called roti to dip it rather than tortilla chips), which had a surprisingly delightful flavor, almost hinting of charcoal.  The curry was also very good, and the ice cream dessert.  I suspect it is the volume of food, rather than any bad quality, which has contributed to my stomach distress the last couple of days.

Today we made it to the Georgetown airport without difficulty, and said farewell to our kind hosts the Katryans.  We had some hassle over one of Dad’s bags at check-in, but thankfully it was cleared up relatively quickly.  Our next flight will, God willing, carry us back to our native country, and tomorrow we will be back at our homes.